Hi! I am Dr. Shruti Shankar Gaur!

I can be best described as a nonplussed mother, a Luna to her Alpha, a passionate entrepreneur, a novice thinker, a hard-core dreamer, a scruffy poet, a true seeker, and an unusual sinner.

Let’s go through Pain & Bliss together.

Issued in Public Interest – Brevity isn’t my cup of tea 🙂

Why Pain & Bliss?

For one thing, it reflects the duality we are often taught not to acknowledge. We are trained to hide pain and shabbiness (present among us all) and only project the beauty and bliss of life. However, I plan to celebrate the whole spectrum. 

Through this blog, I will share the pain and bliss of life. It can be and will be everything that matters to a millennial. Join the roller coaster ride of a forty-year-old with a teenager’s heart (yeah, that’s me!) who scans outer and inner worlds with razor-sharp love and empathy. Yes, you read it right-razor sharp love and empathy! To know what that means, read along!

The Whining In My Heart

This blog is an attempt to structure my thoughts and feelings that someday I hope my teenage daughters will read (I have lost two companions to hormones lately, phew!). But who knows? Maybe I will find new comrades, and that too for life! Welcome to my heart space. I can’t promise awesomeness; I can say it’s big enough to make you feel comfortable. Stay close and stay warm.

The Buzzing In My Head

My headspace is a small den where utter chaos prevails. I have more questions than answers and if you are a keen observer, you will be able to discover bliss hidden behind the pain. Duality lives here in its yin and yang form. I can be anything at a given moment. Generally, I am the book I read, the movie I watch, the podcasts I listen to, the habits I nurture, the lessons I imbibe, the mistakes I make, the truth I stumble upon, or the quotes that influence me. There are always hundreds of channels running in my head. I intend to share a few with the most important voices in my head.

Hop on to discover the ‘Taijitu’ of life with me!

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